It's wonderful to see people starting to sign up for LocalArtsLive, and I'm hoping to see some action soon towards active participation.  This seemed like a good time to file my first blog post; hopefully the first of many.  


You may have noticed a reference to "Ning".  This prototype site is running on a Ning network, which is a paid service to provide a social network that is flexible and configurable.  The beauty of this service is that it's easy to setup and run, which makes it an ideal starting point.  The downside is that the configuration options are limited, it's not an open platform, and entering event information is cumbersome.  The goal of this prototype is to "test the waters" and if an active community is established by the end of April, a more robust web site will be developed using a different technology.  


For those of you who become active contributors to the site, please be assured that blog entries and current event information will be moved to the new site.  Old comments, photos, and possibly discussions may be discarded, so it's best to make sure you retain your own copies of photos.  Of course, advanced information will be posted if there is any chance that any information may be lost in the conversion to the new site.


Ning is a bit like Facebook in that a social network forms the core of the product.  Where it differs is in the ability to tailor the site for each network.  Ning allows for far greater flexibility and control.  One Ning network you might find of interest is for the San Francisco Orchestra.  It has almost 3000 members and can be found here:  Here is the link to the primary Ning site in case you are interested in the technical details.


The obvious strength and interest in the SFO community lead me to believe that a similar network could be established with fans of classical music in Philadelphia.  Please feel free to compare networks and let me know if you think a feature they are using would be of interest to you.  I can make many modifications quickly and easily, so my primary goal is to build a site that meets your needs as closely as possible.



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