There is a lot of free publicity available to musicians, but you need to meet a couple of deadlines to make sure your listings are effective.  Here are some rough deadlines for the tools used by LocalArtsLive.  Of course all of these activities could be completed earlier:


1 month:  


4 weeks:  


3 weeks:  


2 weeks:  

  • Add program guide or other interesting background info about the concert in a new blog on
  • Add sample music, links, or youtube videos of  samples of the music.
  • Add event to Facebook, InstantEncore, and any other source you wish to use.
  • Start to add reminder posts about the event on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media or email list you wish to use.
  • Find or create a 650x400 image for the featured slide show on LocalArtsLive and add it as a photo.
  • Notify Sharon Torello that you'd like your event to be featured


Week of event:

  • LocalArtsLive will place event into the slideshow on LocalArtsLive
  • LocalArtsLive will send notifications about the event out via Facebook, Twitter, and the LocalArtsLive weekly newsletter
  • Send more messages out via social media



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