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In today's world of lightning fast news and countless streams of information, consider how carefully the composer of the ancient song in this picture chose his words and notes.  We could benefit from a dose of this careful craft to ponder whether our own words are worthy of stone.  I'm sure this blog will not fit that standard, but I do hope it will help you find a couple high quality blogs that are primarily focused on classical music in Philadelphia.  


It probably comes as no surprise that the majority of the classical music bloggers I've found are composers and music critics.  Almost all the blogs listed are written by musicians in the Philadelphia region, and most are updated at least once a month.  I believe that you are the best judge of your own taste, so rather than comment on the blogs, I've simply provided links and a high level category.  I'm certain that I've missed some worthy blogs so please let me know your favorites by adding a comment, and I'll update this list with qualified links.  Of course the blog must be completely open to the public and free of charge.  If you are looking for a broader list of blogs, InstantEncore has a list of over 350 blogs and 90 podcasts that should give you plenty of material to chew on.  This blog is listed there, too.  



Melissa Dunphy

Doug Laustsen

Thomas Patteson

James Primosch

Kile Smith

Dick Strawser



Barbara Browne

Stanford Thompson



Peter Dobrin

Greg Sandow - Not quite local but close enough.

David Patrick Sterns



NPR - National

Philadelphia Chamber Music Society - Active only during the season



Philadelphia Orchestra - eZseatU

Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra

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