"New ears for new music, new eyes for a distant horizon".

 ---From The Antichristian, Friedrich Nietzsche

Twentieth century classical music --- to many concert-goers it is a term uttered with horror, a dizzying morass of cacophonous, incomprehensible styles without root or tradition.  If similar feelings are triggered in you, then we urge you to come to next week's very unique meetup on Oct 13, hosted by the Philadelphia Fans of Classical Music, a whirlwind tour of all the most important and diverse trends of this vast century, wherein music was opened to an unprecedented breadth of new possibilities and ideas.

The first part of this meeting will consist of a video showcasing of Bernstein's classic Omnibus lecture "Introduction to Modern Music", which beautifully details the artistic movements of the early twentieth-century, from Impressionism to the twelve-tone method of Schoenberg. 

In the second part, two lecturers will guide the participants through the even thornier music of the post-war era.  All the major avant-garde schools will be covered: from serialism to minimalism, electronic music to spectralism, aleatory to neo-romanticism, and even some of the old-fashioned tonalists. 

If you've ever wanted to come to grips with this music, but have found it previously too forbidding, this is your chance for a gentle and comprehensive introduction.  Come with an open mind, and you may be surprised with what you hear.


For more information, please see the Philadelphia Fans of Classical Music website and join as a member.

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Comment by Sharon Torello on October 4, 2011 at 9:30am

Fantastic!  I'm really looking forward to this.



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